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Seán P. Flynn Liam Neeson
Seán Flynn   Security officer aboard Babylon 5, born and bred in Derry during the "Holy Wars".

Zack Allan

Jeff Conaway
Zack Allan   Security officer on Babylon 5, eventually rises to Security Chief.


Lyta Alexander Patricia Tallman
Lyta Alexander   Commercial telepath, rogue telepath and Psi Corps deep cover telepath on Babylon 5, at different times.

Alfred Bester

Walter Koenig
Alfred Bester   Psi Cop who often has the thankless job of visiting Babylon 5.

Marcus Cole

Jason Carter
Marcus Cole   Member of the Anla'Shok, usually assigned to the area of Babylon 5.

David Corwin

Joshua Cox
David Corwin   Third in command of C&C, after Sheridan and Ivanova.

Vir Cotto

Stephen Furst
Vir Cotto   Diplomatic attaché to Ambassador Londo Mollari, and former Centauri delegate on Minbar.


Mira Furlan
Delenn   Minbari ambassador to Babylon 5 and Anla'Sok Na.

Stephen Franklin

Richard Biggs
Stephen Franklin   Head of MedLab facility on Babylon 5 and part of command staff.

Michael A. Garibaldi

Jerry Doyle
Michael Garibaldi   Chief of Security on Babylon 5 until resignation in early 2261.


Andreas Katsulas
G'Kar   Narn ambassador to Babylon 5 until Centauri enslaved the planet.

Susan Ivanova

Claudia Christian
Susan Ivanova   Second in command of Babylon 5, after Sheridan, until captaincy of one of the first Warlock-class destroyers.


Bill Mumy
Lennier   Diplomatic attaché to Ambassador Delenn.

Elizabeth Lochley

Tracy Scoggins
Elizabeth Lochley   Commander of Babylon 5 after Sheridan is elected president and Ivanova moves on.

Londo Mollari

Jeff Conaway
Londo Mollari   Centauri ambassador to Babylon 5.

John J. Sheridan

Bruce Boxleitner
John Sheridan   Successor to Jeffrey Sinclair as commander of Babylon 5. Later elected president of the InterStellar Alliance.

Jeffrey D. Sinclair

Michael O' Hare
Jeffrey Sinclair   First commander of Babylon 5. Later promoted to Earth's first ambassador on Minbar, and later voted by the Religious caste to be the first Enthil'Zha in a thousand years.