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Flynn looked around. All he could see around him was black, and Garibaldi sitting on the invisible ground close to him.

"Chief!" he called out. "Are you alright?"

"Get the hell out of my head!" Garibaldi shouted back.

"I'm in your---?" Flynn suddenly stopped. "That dirty rat bastard Deuce! I'm gonna kill him!"

Garibaldi calmed down a bit, "Just get the hell out of my mind, right now."


"I don't know. Just don't go prodding around in here."

"I won't. I just want to--"

Before he finished his sentence, Flynn fell to his knees and grabbed a tight grip on his head. Pictures flew past him: Earth Force One being destroyed, Clarke taking up office, a message from Sinclair. Hundreds of pictures flew around Flynn. He held his ears in tightly so he couldn't hear the screams, but they overcame him and he lost consciousness again.

"Give me twenty CCs of inomorphazine!" someone shouted. More noises crowded Flynn's thoughts, then they suddenly stopped.

Flynn opened his eye to find himself in MedLab. He weakly looked around the room. He saw Dr. Franklin checking on him, Garibaldi pacing around the waiting room in what was unmistakably a pissed off mood, and Captain Sheridan trying to calm him down.

"What happened?" painfully pushed through Flynn's dry throat.

"You had a dust overdose," Franklin answered. "But you'll be alright."

"That son of a bitch Deuce." Flynn tried to get out if he bed where he lay, but quickly fell. He pulled himself back up on the bed.

"Do you know what happened?"

"Deuce. He stuffed dust down my throat. He left me in the chief's officer as a trap."

"Mr. Garibaldi is going to be all right, but I'd stay away from him for a few days if I was you."

"What did I do to him?"

"You attacked him. Seeing as he isn't the person to mention whatever's bothering him, I'd guess you may have done a lot more."

"I was in his mind."

"Can I see him now?" Flynn recognised the voice as Zack's.

"Well, he seems up to it. But don't keep him long, he needs to rest."

"Yes, doc." Allan walked up and pulled a chair beside Flynn's bed. "You fine in there?"

"I'll be alright in the morning."

"Look Sean, I'm sorry for--"

"Zack, don't apologise. If you hadn't left, it would have been the two of us lying in here."

"But I still think--"

Trying to change the subject, Flynn noticed a black armband on Allan's arm, "What's that?"

"Some group visited the station. Called themselves The Ministry Of Peace."

"Oh great. I'm out cold and you get delusions of grandeur."

"They pay us fifty extra credits a week just to do what usually do anyway."

"Hmm. Sounds interesting."

"D'wanna sign up?"

"Sure, why not. But are you sure this isn't one of those scams people pull?"

"The don't want anything back. They just want us to keep the peace."

Flynn thought over the proposition for a few moments. An image of President Clarke suddenly appeared in his head. With a warning about him.
Garibaldi knew something that he wasn't willing to share with many people. Flynn tried to think about what it could be, but his head starting aching again.

"OK Zack, sign me up." He looked beyond his friend for a moment at another patient, and heard a scream. Not a human scream, or even an alien scream. It was something far more deadly.

I've got to figure out what this all means, he thought to himself. Who or what are the Shadows, and what was President Clarke's role in Santiago's death. I've got to find out, no matter what it takes.