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Zack hit his link, “Lt. Corwin, come in.”

“Corwin here.”

“Where are those power fluctuations coming from?”

“Grey 12, section 7. We’ve sent three teams down so far but nothing’s been able to stop the problem.”

Zack walked into a tube as the doors opened. He held the link even closer to his mouth, “Contact the chief. Tell him to get a security team down to Grey 12, section 7 now.”


Allan hit his link and with a chime it turned off. “Grey 12,” he called to the tube and it began its journey.

* * *

“What do you want done with him?” Bill asked. “If we give him any more psychotropic drugs we’ll kill him, and he’s probably going to be delusional for a while with the amount we have given him.”

Genge took a drink of water and sat back down into the chair, “I think I’ll mindwipe him.”

A chime at the door prevented Genge from returning to Flynn. She looked over at his physical form as the grey shone into his eyes and pulled on his cheek, “I’ll be right back.”

Fred walked up to the door with a PPG rifle hidden behind his back. When the door fully opened, he was thrown back by a PPG round.

Zack jumped into the room, and with three shots took down the other two men.

From behind, Bill hit Zack with his PPG rifle across the back of the head, sending the security officer falling to the ground. He and Genge then ran out the door.

At the chair wrapped up with wires and cables, Flynn’s right arm reached up and pulled the headgear of his face. He ripped everything that was holding him down apart furiously until he was free.

He looked down at the body at his feet, and pulled his PPG rifle off him. Then he ran out the door, mumbling something to himself.

With a really bad headache, Zack slowly climbed to his feet. He dizzily saw that the chair, which previously held Flynn, was empty and ran out the door.

* * *

“They're on the loose. I have to get the bastards that killed Kelly,” Flynn mumbled to himself as he chased two people down the corridor. They weren’t Bill and Meridian Genge, but two of the soldiers that took Kelly’s life.

He chased them into the Blue Sector. He continued firing at every opportunity until he eventually nailed Bill Genge in the back.

Bill knew he couldn’t go any longer. He turned around at shot at Flynn with his PPG rifle. Two shots hit Flynn in the left arm and shoulder but he continued firing at Bill Genge unstoppably. Flynn hit him in the chest and he fell back.

Flynn then turned his attentions to Meridian Genge. He hit her in the leg with a shot, and walked up to her in order to finish her.

He was about to pull the trigger on the, as he believed, soldier when he saw something that put a look of delight on his face.

“Kelly,” he said to himself. He watched in disbelief as she got into a transport tube.

“No, Kelly, wait!” Flynn banged his hands off the doors as they closed on him before he could reach her.

Meanwhile, Genge lifted herself against the wall and aimed her PPG at Flynn. Her finger inched in on the trigger and just as it made its final squeeze another shot hit her in the chest. The PPG fall from her hand, and her body then hit the ground.

Leaning against a wall with one hand on his PPG and the other holding the back of his head, Zack slowly walked over to meet Flynn. He sat down beside him, and quickly realised that he was unconscious.

* * *

Flynn woke with a severe headache in MedLab. He looked around when his eyes were fully alert to see Dr. Hobbs standing over him with a torch shining into his retina.

“He’s awake,” Dr. Hobbs said. “You can see him now.”

Flynn looked over to see Zack pop his head around the screen, “Hey. How are you doing?”

“Not so good.”

“Tell me about it. You were in some state when I found you.”

“What happened?”

“You were sitting against tube nine crying your eyes out, and that was before you fainted.” He walked up and sat down in the chair beside Flynn’s bed, “Do you want to tell me about it?”

“Maybe another time, Zack.”

“Well, look on the bright side,” Allan said with a smile. “At least it wasn’t me they had strapped in that chair.”

“I know. No-one could survive a trip in your head, Zack.”

“I’ll see you later then, Sean.”


As Allan left, Flynn began thinking of what he endured in that chair.

*You killed us, Sean.*